Are you looking for the best low cost dental care in San Diego? We have a list of ways you can save money going to the dentist. Many people assume that if their teeth don’t hurt, they don’t need to visit a dentist. When you don’t visit for regular checkup and get the preventative care you need, a trip to the dentist can actually end up costing you more in the long run.

It’s alarming how many people in San Diego county are without dental insurance. If you don’t want to purchase dental insurance, there’s many low cost dental options available to help you with regular preventative care.

1. Shop for New Patient Discounts Online

Dentist offices usually spend a lot of money on marketing in hopes of gaining a new long term patient. To make this happen, many dentists will offer package deals for new patients. For example, ” $99 New Patient Special – Includes x-rays, teeth cleaning, full exam.” These deals will usually benefit you and cause the dentist to lose money. You can also find these types of money saving deals in the Penny Saver. Watch out for dentists trying to up sell you with major dental work that you might now need. You can find local deals like this online at

2. Large Chain Dental Offices

The larger and more well established a dental office is, the more affordable it usually is. These dentists can provide financing and lower cost dental care. You may pay less for dental work but not receive the personable quality patient care as a trade off. These dental offices usually have over worked dentists. Be sure to only select the services you need because they will try to sell you more than you need.

3. Pay only what you can afford by visiting a clinic

Did you know that there’s full service dental clinics that allow you to pay only what you can afford? Yes, these are the federally-funded health clinics. Based on your income, you can receive many services including dental, medical, and mental health services. San Diego has 28 clinics in total, 3 dental clinics located in Grossmont, North Park, and Logan Heights.

4. Ask your Dentist for a Discount

If you already have a dentist you like, it doesn’t hurt to ask for a discount. Your dentist will be most likely to work with you rather than losing a long term patient.

5. Visit a Dental School

If you’re willing to travel out of San Diego, try visiting a dental school for a dental work discount. Dentists in school are always looking for people to practice on. You really have nothing to lose because their work is supervised by an instructor and done at the highest standards. You get a deep discount and they gain experience. The only drawbacks is that it can be time consuming, the instructor and dental student will take their time grading the results. There’s some dental schools not too far from San Diego:


6. Allow us to find you the Best Low Cost Dental Care in San Diego

Here at Nico Insurance Services, we can find you an affordable monthly dental insurance plan. We will listen to your needs and provide you with affordable dental quotes in San Diego. We will do all the work for you including paperwork and submit upon your behalf. Feel free to call us with any questions you have about low cost dental care in San Diego.

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