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Once you have money in your Spending Accounts, you can withdraw an amount from each account to pay yourself back for incurred expenses that are eligible for reimbursement from that account. Healthcare expenses cannot be reimbursed from the Dependent Care Account and dependent care expenses cannot be reimbursed from the Medical Care Account. Claims must be incurred during the plan year in order to be reimbursed.

Required Documentation

To be reimbursed – or paid back – with tax-free dollars, you must submit the following items:

  • A completed reimbursement form
  • Your receipts for expenses. Receipts for healthcare expenses must include: date of service, name of patient, name of doctor or provider of service, type of service performed and amount owed by you. Receipts for dependent care expenses must show: period covered, name and age of dependent, name of provider, federal tax I.D. or Social Security number of provider, and amount paid.

* Cancelled checks and credit card receipts are not acceptable receipts.

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For information or personal assistance, please contact the Benefits Department or our Flex Plan Administrators. If you have any questions regarding Group Services, please contact Nico Insurance.

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