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Imagine making one phone call and having a company do all the shopping for you. That’s what we do! We’re your San Diego Health Insurance Specialists.

Save yourself the time and hassle shopping for affordable health insurance and give us a quick phone call. We can quickly shop all health insurance companies to find you the lowest quotes. Best of all, we want to match  your specific health care needs because we care and listen to you!


Why Choose Nico Insurance Services?

We have been helping people in San Diego since 1972 find health insurance they can afford. It’s what we do best!

When you call us, you gain a team of San Diego health insurance specialists. We simply ask you what your health needs are, listen and closely work with you and top rated San Diego health insurance providers. They compete to be your health care provider. We give you quotes to choose from within your budget. You save time and money, it’s a WIN WIN for everyone.


San Diego Health Insurance

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We have well established connections with top health insurance providers in San Diego. We pass the savings on to you. We want our customers to save and gain the best insurance possible. We work hard to provide you with the best health insurance quotes in San Diego. You can sit back and have peace of mind knowing we’re going to handle everything. You don’t have to click from website to website writing down quotes and answering tons of questions.


San Diego health insurance

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Health Insurance Quotes

Picked out Just for You!

We have over thirty health care plans to browse through, making it possible to focus on exactly what you need. We won’t just ask you for your zip code or birthday, we get to know your health care needs such as prescriptions, doctor preferences etc. Once we know what you need, we focus on making sure you only pay for what you need.


We’re here to help You and your Family

With so many new rules on health insurance and tax situations, we know it’s easy to get frustrated. We’re here to not only provide you with a great health insurance quote, but also for your family.

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San Diego health insurance

San Diego

We have a wide variety of Health Care Providers

Never feel limited with your health insurance selections

With over thirty companies to shop from, we work closely with each provider to pin point the right plan for you!

Here’s a few of the most popular health insurance companies we match our customers with:

People we have helped in San Diego


I needed to find health coverage before open enrollment ended. I waited until the last day and felt overwhelmed, that’s why I called Nico Insurance services. They quickly handled everything for me. I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders. Really wish I called sooner! I received some great quotes for exactly what I needed. They did all the paperwork and and I had my health insurance. Easy as pie. Thanks!

Stan D.

For an entire evening I sat at my desk looking up quotes online. It’s not fun. I wanted a low monthly premium that I could actually afford. Finally, a friend called and asked what I was doing – without hesitating she told me to call Nico Insurance services. They’re easy to work with and they answered all my questions.

Jesse W.

They really do an outstanding job finding the lowest monthly payment possible. I thought it would take a week to get everything in order but I was wrong, it was fast and easy. I recommend Nico Insurance services to all my friends and relatives.

Eddie L.

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